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1.1. Normal and Heroic Difficulty

This guide covers both the Normal and Heroic versions of the encounter, as far as mechanics and general strategy is concerned. The only difference between these two modes is found in the tuning, with Heroic being more difficult.

When we speak of extreme situations (such as the difficulty of a soft enrage timer, or damage from a certain source being too high to survive), we mostly refer to Heroic mode.
1.2. Enrage Timer

We do not currently know what the hard enrage timer for this encounter is. There do not seem to be any soft enrage mechanics in the fight.
2. Summing Things Up

In this section, we will very briefly summarise what the players belonging to each of the three roles have to do during this fight. This is by no means meant to provide sufficient information to master the encounter, and it is only supposed to give you a very rough idea of what to watch out for.
2.1. Tanks

Perform a regular tank switch to handle the debuffs applied by Inferno Slice and Overwhelming Blows.
When tanking Gruul, tank him at least 10 yards away from any other raid members (including the other tank), and facing him away from anyone else.
When Inferno Slice is about to be cast, move into one of the two groups of players so that they split the damage from Inferno Slice, and then quickly move out again. Move into the two groups alternatively, so that no group is hit by two Inferno Slices in a row.

2.2. Healers

Be prepared for sustained raid-wide damage during Phase Two.

2.3. DPS

DPS Gruul.

2.4. Everyone

Split up into two groups of roughly equal size, located on opposite sides of Gruul, in melee range.
Whenever Petrifying Slam is cast, make sure to move at least 8 yards away from other raid members.
When Cave In Icon Cave In is cast, avoid being hit by the falling rocks.
Avoid being hit by Overhead Smash whenever Gruul casts it (the affected area is indicated visually ahead of time).

3. Overview of the Fight

The encounter against Gruul is a single target, two-phase fight. The two phases alternate over and over again, on a fixed timer, regardless of the raid's actions.

During Phase One, which lasts approximately 70 seconds, Gruul must be tanked, and he uses a number of abilities against the raid.
During Phase Two, which lasts approximately 30 seconds, Gruul is stationary in the center of the room, where he cannot be tanked and from where he spams a single ability against the raid.

4. Preliminary Mention

It should be noted that, on the Beta, Gruul had a passive ability called Gronn's Rage which caused him to deal increased damage the lower his health was. Obviously, this ability made the fight increasingly more difficult as Gruul's health was decreasing, causing it to become very difficult towards the end.

At the time of writing this guide, the ability seems to have been removed, so we will not mention it. We will update the guide as soon as we know more.
5. Phase One↑top

Phase One lasts for roughly 70 seconds. During this time, Gruul uses a number of abilities against your raid.
5.1. Abilities

Inferno Slice is an ability that Gruul uses every 10 seconds. This is indicated by his Rage bar; when Gruul reaches maximum Rage, he uses Inferno Slice, and his Rage is then reset. Inferno Slice deals a very high amount of Fire damage to Gruul's tank, and it also deals a massive amount of Fire damage to all other players in a cone in front of the boss, split among them. Each cast of Inferno Slice debuffs players to take 20% more damage from Inferno Slice (a debuff that lasts 30 seconds), and also leaves behind a Fire damage DoT. Inferno Slice has a short cast time.
Overwhelming Blows is an ability that Gruul regularly uses against his tank. It deals a high amount of Physical damage to the target and to any other players within 10 yards of them. Overwhelming Blows also applies a stacking 60-second debuff to affected targets, causing them to take 10% more damage from Overwhelming Blows, per stack. This ability requires a tank switch.
Petrifying Slam is an ability that Gruul uses regularly throughout the fight. The boss knocks all players back and begins to Petrify them. The petrification process lasts roughly 5 seconds, during which time a debuff stacks on all raid members, slowing them progressively, and dealing a small amount of damage to them. When players are fully petrified, they are unable to move, and this is immediately followed by Gruul casting Shatter.
Shatter causes all petrified players to deal a small amount of Nature damage to any raid members in an 8-yard radius around them. This removes Petrification from players.
Overhead Smash is an ability that Gruul sometimes casts during Phase One. The boss marks a long line on the floor in front of him, and a few seconds after that he deals a high amount of Nature damage to all players standing there.

5.2. Strategy

There are two main parts to the strategy for this phase. The first part revolves around correctly handling Inferno Slice and Overwhelming Blows, and the second one is all about how to deal with Petrifying Slam.

In addition to these two important elements, your raid will have to occasionally avoid Gruul's Overhead Smash. When this happens, simply move out of the affected area (indicated visually on the ground) to avoid taking damage.
5.2.1. Inferno Slice and Overwhelming Blows

Both Inferno Slice and Overwhelming Blows apply debuffs to the tanks, but they also both affect players in a radius around the tanks. For these reasons, a very specific strategy should be employed by your raid. We will quickly summarise it before going into a few details.

Split the raid into two large groups, located in melee range of the boss but quite far from one another.
Have Gruul's tank stand at least 10 yards away from any other raid members (including the other tank).
When Gruul is about to cast Inferno Slice, have the tank move into one of two groups, causing these players to split the Inferno Slice damage. Immediately after Inferno Slice, move back out of the group. When the next Inferno Slice is cast, have the other group of players split the damage.
Have the two tanks regularly perform a tank switch to deal with the Overwhelming Blows debuff.

The two groups formed by your raid should be of (roughly) equal size, and they should ideally be located on opposite sides of Gruul, ensuring that no Inferno Slice can hit both groups.

The tanks will have to wait until the absolute last moment before Inferno Slice is cast to move into a group of players, because it is imperative to avoid other raid members being hit (and debuffed) by Overwhelming Blows. For the same reason, as soon as Inferno Slice has been cast, the tank should move out of the group of players very quickly.

The tank who is not tanking Gruul should position themselves in such a way as to make sure that they do not get debuffed by either Inferno Slice or Overwhelming Blows.

Here is a diagram that illustrates proper positioning.
5.2.2. Petrifying Slam

Whenever Petrifying Slam is cast, all raid members will quickly have to spread out at least 8 yards apart. You will have around 3 seconds to do so effectively (since you will be very slow during the final 2 seconds, making it hard to move). If all players succeed in doing this, then the subsequent Shatter will deal no damage. The damage of Shatter is not very high, meaning that even if some player do make mistakes and fail to spread out, they will not die, but if there are large groups of players, then Shatter can be fatal.
6. Phase Two

Overall, Phase Two lasts for roughly 30 seconds. During this time Gruul is stationary in the center of the room and he cannot be tanked.
6.1. Abilities

When Phase Two begins, Gruul moves to the center of the room and casts  Cave In. This causes rocks to fall from the roof of the room. The locations where the rocks will fall are indicated graphically on the ground. Any players who are hit by these rocks will be stunned and they will take a very high amount of damage. Each part of the floor will only be hit by one rock, and the rocks do not all fall at the same time.

Once Cave In has been cast, Gruul will cast Destructive Rampage, which causes the raid to take a low amount of Nature damage every 5 seconds for around 25 seconds. During these 25 seconds, Gruul will remain stationary in the center of the room and spam Overhead Smash in a number of random directions.
.2. Strategy

The strategy during Phase Two is extremely simple. As soon as the phase starts, players will have to focus on avoiding getting hit by any falling rocks. The best way to do this is to identify the area where the first rocks will fall (this area will be marked first), and move into it as soon as the rocks have fallen there. Since each part of the floor is only hit once, this area will remain safe.

Afterwards, players will simply have to avoid being hit by any of Gruul's Overhead Smashes, while the healers will have to contend with the raid damage inflicted by Destructive Rampage.
7. When to Use Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp

We recommend using Heroism Icon Heroism/Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Time Warp Icon Time Warp at the start of the encounter, since this is when all players will have their DPS cooldowns available, and especially because there are no other, more suitable moments during the encounter.
8. Learning the Fight

The encounter against Gruul is, above all, a matter of correct positioning and movement. The tanks have the most important role in this matter, so it is essential that they understand how to handle their debuffs, and when and where they have to move. You should emphasise this, and make sure that the issue is clear.

Aside from this, you will probably encounter some issues with avoiding all the rocks that fall when Cave In is cast. You should stress the importance of moving into the clear area left behind by the first falling rock, as this method is by far the easiest and safest. For this to work, it is important that no raid members be caught at the very edge of the room when Cave In is cast, since they may have a hard time reaching the first safe zone in time (if it appears on the opposite side of the room).

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Gruul! My first raid, I know this fight. I got this one bros, sign me up, I healed this in blues! smile




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