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Accepted - Jiraiyasama - WW Monk

Character Info

Name:  Jiraiyasama
Race:  Human
Level:  110
Class:  Monk
Spec:  Wind Walker
Link to your official WoW armory page:  https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara … iraiyasama
Time played as that character (/played):  Will be able to verify later as I am away from my gaming rig but it's a fresh 110
Is this character your main or an alt?  Was an Alt, now maining it
Is this a raiding or social application?  Social

Player Info:

Real Name: Jonathan 
Age:  40
Location: Malta 
How often do you play (please be specific, with days you play & the hours (ST) if possible)?   Daily for around 2 hours depending mostly on reset, weekly etc. I log in usually around 18.30 server time

Raid Info
Only skip these questions if you have no intention to raid with us.

How do you decide if an item is an upgrade for you? I use SimC  / Raidbots / AskMrRobot
What are the next gear upgrades you are aiming for?  Since it is a relatively fresh 110 it's basically everything
What are the important things to aim for in your given Class/Spec?  Being a melee class and in close range I focus on the surroundings and positioning. DPS is worthless if dead. Things as in stats it's Agility, Versa, Crit / Mast according to my latest sims.
What, if anything, do want to change on this character before stepping into raids? Hopefully get my 2nd Legendary and have decent gear to start with worth gemming / enchanting.
Please give a brief overview of the experience you have with raids.
(please limit experience to what was done within the appropriate expansion)

Arcane Mage & Beast Master Hunter:
Burning Crusade - Black Temple, Caverns of Time, Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Sunwell, Serpenthsire Cavern 
Wrath of The Lich King - Ice Crown Citadel, Ulduar, Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum
Took a break from raiding during Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria
Retribution Paladin & Havoc Demon Hunter:
Burning Legion: Emerald Nightmare (N & HC), Nighthold (N, HC, M), Tomb of Sargeras (N & HC)

Guild Experience

What guilds have you been in previously? AoD, Angels, Demise on Alliance side, Chilled on Horde side 
What was/is the reason for leaving?  AoD shifted to Angels and then Demise (same people), later all my guild changed server to Wildhammer while I was away and therefore I came back to an empty guild hmm Then I solo played during Warlords of Draenor and got all classes (12 of them) to 100. Had one character on Horde side that I used to use in BC for auction house purposes in Booty bay which I got to 110 and joined a very laid back guild of friendly mature players. Bit by Bit I moved most of my chars from Alliance to Horde. I stopped due to a serious health issue I had to take care of.
Please give the names of 2 friends you made in that guild: Starfade, Pik (Chilled / H)   

What encouraged you to apply to the DMZ Guild?  To be really honest I used to look up at you guys in BC, when I used to have my hard earned T5 mage gear and I used to see these awesome T6 geared players run around Stormwind. You were like the limit we just could not reach.
Are you applying to any other guilds at this time (or do you intend to)? On this character I did ask in the realm forums on one post but it has been a week and no one replied, seems to me it was a dead topic.
Do you know someone already in the DMZ Guild & if so what is their name?  Not really.

Other Info

Why do you play World of Warcraft?  I got dragged into it by a friend and have played nothing else since then. I was in my late 20's cry and now in my early 40's! meh.... I keep coming back to the game as there is always something to do.
What changes would you like to see made to the game & why?  I wish they made catching up on Artifact levels between specs quicker. (It's better now mind you, no need to stay learning the knowledge scrolls weekly) and maybe less drastic class changes! My poor Ret Pala still visits his psychiatrist after the nerf he had suffered.
What are your impressions of the Legion expansion?  In my opinion they improved on what was already good in Warlords of Draenor. Some might say it was crap but I liked it, the garrison, the followers, zones etc. The legendary system keeps making me log in to do my dailies on all chars as when they drop it's like winning a mini lottery (unless you get crap ones from the RNG gods)

Please feel free to make any other comments here that you think will help your application.

As listed here, I'm 40 going to 41 in less than a month. I went through my fair share of late nights raiding on Ventrillo (back then), I was there in the "more dots" and "Leeroy Jenkins!" era, I remember having to run around for an eternity in Duskwood until level 40 when I didn't have enough gold for a mount, then once I did I used to see the god like players whizz past me on their epic level 60 mounts. I have watched the game evolve, from the multi talent points in different trees to the current quick spec swap.
I'm a versatile player that has a laid back attitude, more than often ready to help out making a team for keys etc. Having all classes I can say that I have decent knowledge of each play style but am in no way an "expert" nor does my long play history make me a "veteran", it's just that I learned to overcome the ups and downs of the game by now. There is always something to do and I won't think twice to faction change my alts to fill in voids in guild if need be even though I am submitting to join as a social member.
Oh and btw..... I'm a pro dad joke generator lol

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Re: Accepted - Jiraiyasama - WW Monk


Thanks for the app. the officers will discuss and get back to you asap smile





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Re: Accepted - Jiraiyasama - WW Monk

Hey Jiraiyasama, You've been accepted for social trial so whisper an officer for an invite.
Welcome smile

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