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#1 2018-02-05 19:19:13

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Accepted - Khaine - Aff lock

Character Info

Name: Khaine   
Race: Human 
Level:  110
Class:  Warlock
Spec:  Affliction (for progression and performance), Destruction for fun
Link to your official WoW armory page: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara … ash/khaine 
Time played as that character (/played):   
Is this character your main or an alt?   Main
Is this a raiding or social application?   Raiding

Player Info:

Real Name:   Gavin Robinson
Age:   28
Location:   Bedfordshire, England
How often do you play (please be specific, with days you play & the hours (ST) if possible)?   
Currently due to my current guilds raiding schedule, I am logging in to raid on Wednesdays and Sundays - I dedicate Saturday mornings to my Shaman alt.
I am more then able to meet the required raid days for the DMZ.

Raid Info
Only skip these questions if you have no intention to raid with us.

How do you decide if an item is an upgrade for you? I sim my characters both using SimCraft and Raidbots. I update my stat weights into the Pawn addon.

What are the next gear upgrades you are aiming for? I'd like to swap out my current 930 pieces for higher valued ilvl of the same items - Only one item I am currently bonus rolling on is the Acrid Catalyst Injector from HC.

What are the important things to aim for in your given Class/Spec? To have well rounded stats and not neglect any of the secondary stats as they all have a part to play for Warlock. Affliction takes a lot of concentration to avoid Soul Shard capping but also to not starve myself of resource - depending on which choice of tier 1 talent, the rotation also changes drastically so ensuring I know how to play with all talents optimally is key. Movement is also a hindrance so it's important to ensure that I am not using cooldowns or spending resource where heavy movement is imminent.

What, if anything, do want to change on this character before stepping into raids? I'd prefer to be able to step away from playing Affliction so much - but seeing as it is the dominant spec, I am happy to continue playing as Affliction.
Please give a brief overview of the experience you have with raids.
During Wotlk and Cataclysm I raided 7 days a week, playing three characters in two guilds. The Green Moo was my main guild back then and if you are to go back and look at WowProgress, you'll see that we were very good!

I only stepped back into raiding after Cataclysm mid way through ToS where I joined Nightfall and cleared 12/12 HC in my first night, impressing the team with my dps earning raider status after one raid with the team. Since the start of Antorus, I have consistently been competing at the top of the damage meters and if you search for my character in Warcraft Logs you'll see some impressive parses (including a 96% parse on Eonar)

Guild Experience

What guilds have you been in previously?  Nightfall are the only guild to highlight during this expansion, (played in some casual guilds whilst levelling - before I had the drive to get back in to raiding). I raided with The Green Moo both on Vek'nilash and Outland back in Cataclysm.
What was/is the reason for leaving?  Raiding has become too casual in recent weeks, with a lot of members taking it easy and making complacent mistakes. The guild itself is a very friendly place to be so there is no real complaints, I simply would like to get back into more serious raiding and start to enjoy it more.

Please give the names of 2 friends you made in that guild:  Petalas (Shaman healer and officer of the guild), Primeathiest (my DPS rival, always fighting for top of the meters).

What encouraged you to apply to the DMZ Guild?  It was something that I looked at doing before, I did speak to an officer in game but decided on that occasion to wait a bit longer to make my decision. Primeathiest gave me a nudge to apply and it would be a shame to split us up big_smile

Are you applying to any other guilds at this time (or do you intend to)? No.

Do you know someone already in the DMZ Guild & if so what is their name? 
Jimmy (Aleti/Valdarr) was my raid leader, and Dillon (Primeathiest).

Other Info

Why do you play World of Warcraft?  Honestly, to escape the stress of my job! Warcraft is something else for me to focus on.

What changes would you like to see made to the game & why? I'd love to see the old talent trees come back and more fluency in our build choices. The game is probably in the best state it has been since Cataclysm.

What are your impressions of the Legion expansion?  Enjoying it a lot, didn't enjoy the grind for flying/AP but luckily when I decided it was time for me to return there were many ways to catch up!

If you are after a dedicated, old school raider who will give 100% in every raid, look no further. I can learn / play most specs in the game effectively - I am flexible in which class you'd like me to play, I have a shaman (Níner - Enhancement/Elemental) who is equally as adept in dps as my Warlock so if that is a better option I am willing to switch.




#2 2018-02-05 19:34:32

From: Holland
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Re: Accepted - Khaine - Aff lock

Hey  KHaine, thanks for appyling.
Me and the officers will quickly discuss your app and get back to you smile

In the light we are one!




#3 2018-02-06 16:29:41

From: Holland
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Re: Accepted - Khaine - Aff lock

Hi Khaine

You have been accepted for Raider trial.😊

Please whisper an officer in game for an invite.

List of Officers

In the light we are one!




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