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#1 2018-02-15 14:48:22

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Accepted - Mirxx - Resto Druid

Character Info

Name:   Mirxx
Race:   Troll (will transfer)
Level:   110
Class:   Druid
Spec:   Resto
Link to your official WoW armory page:   https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara … 1%85%D1%85
Time played as that character (/played):   106 days
Is this character your main or an alt?   previously alt, now main.
Is this a raiding or social application?   raiding

Player Info:

Real Name:   Al
Age:   25
Location:   UK
How often do you play (please be specific, with days you play & the hours (ST) if possible)?    Most evenings

Raid Info
Only skip these questions if you have no intention to raid with us.

How do you decide if an item is an upgrade for you?  ilvl, legendaries, preferred secondary stats
What are the next gear upgrades you are aiming for?  BiS legendary trinket big_smile
What are the important things to aim for in your given Class/Spec?  Keep everyone healed up and use cooldowns efficiently and set up rotations etc.
What, if anything, do want to change on this character before stepping into raids? Hopefully get some better legendaries
Please give a brief overview of the experience you have with raids. Have raided with Exorsus for a number of years. Currently on 11/11 Mythic. Raided on different characters, but currently this is my main.
(please limit experience to what was done within the appropriate expansion) 

Guild Experience

What guilds have you been in previously?  Exorsus
What was/is the reason for leaving?  Difficult for timing and hardcore.
Please give the names of 2 friends you made in that guild:  Aleandra / Alveona

What encouraged you to apply to the DMZ Guild? 
Are you applying to any other guilds at this time (or do you intend to)? No
Do you know someone already in the DMZ Guild & if so what is their name?  Denzo

Other Info

Why do you play World of Warcraft?  Been enjoying the game for a very long time.
What changes would you like to see made to the game & why?  More PvP incentives
What are your impressions of the Legion expansion?  It's pretty good, definitely not as good as Wotlk

Please feel free to make any other comments here that you think will help your application.
I'm ahead on progress, but I want to take things easier and perhaps also contribute to some of the strategies in mythic progress as I've cleared Argus now. Looking for good team and to make fun of Denzo.



#2 2018-02-15 14:56:12

From: Glasgow
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Re: Accepted - Mirxx - Resto Druid

Hi Mirxx thanks for your application, officers will have a chat and let you know soon smile




#3 2018-02-15 15:55:25

From: Glasgow
Registered: 2008-05-21

Re: Accepted - Mirxx - Resto Druid

Hi Mirxx

You have been accepted for Raider trial.😊

Please whisper an officer in game for an invite.

List of Officers




#4 2018-02-15 16:14:27

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Re: Accepted - Mirxx - Resto Druid

Awesome big_smile




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