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Signing up for raids

Signing up for raids

Signing up for every single raid may seem like a terrible bore but it can make the difference between a well organised efficient raid or a shambling ramble through wipes, arguments and few kills.

The four states of sign-up are;

No sign-up of any kind

Only social members should ever do this. If you have a raiding rank you should always sign as per one of the 3 states below, for EVERY raid available in Raid Ninja.

If you are away from raiding for an extended period a post should be created on the Officer Support Forum and a decision as to whether to assign you a social rank can be made.


You want to raid and are able to be ready 30 minutes before raid start time and stay until raid end.

If you think you might be slightly late and not on with a full 30 minutes buffer then 'Signed Up' is fine as long as a note is attached explaining this.

To Be Confirmed

You don't know if you will be able to make it but want to

ALL 'Possible' sign-ups should have a note explaining the situation.

This is not the place to sign if you think you might not be selected. It is the raid leaders job to decide who should be in the raid or not, not yours. Please sign to match your desire, not what you expect will be theirs.


If you are unable to attend a raid or are unwilling to do so then this is the place to sign-up.

ALL 'Not Coming' sign-ups should have a note explaining the situation _______________________________________________________________________________________

If you are not on-line in one form or another 15mins before raid start time your availability will be logged in RaidNinja as a "No-Show". This will be noted as a black mark within the availability and attendance stats the officers monitor and use as a guide when selecting raids and deciding upon promotions. Aim to have zero no-shows, and if it happens, let an officer know why you didn't show up, either in game or via the Officer Support forum.


While it may seem a waste of time signing up every week and putting notes all over the place it saves us a lot of time when it matters, when we should be raiding.

100EP is awarded to all Raiders before the start of raid on a Wednesday, providing ALL sign ups on RaidNinja are complete.

Take sign-ups seriously.

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