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#1 2016-09-19 21:56:03

From: Holland
Registered: 2010-03-08

raid requirements

The officer team is aware of the current stress to get properly raid ready though not everyone has the financial funds to be optimaly min-maxed before raids.

There for we have decided on the following:

Neck - no requirement.. but ofc appreciated though very expensive
Cloak - 150 enchant minimum (12 leylight crystals)
Ring - 150 enchant minimum (10 arkhana per ring)

Flasks are required of every raider we realize these are expensive. Some ppl in the guild are actively grinding them for GB but dont rely on that for long!!!Donate ur herbs so high ranks can craft with proc chances

Potions are due to there one time use and high price not required for raiders to bring the first few raids. However bringing them is ofc a dps increase or other tank/healer benefit.

We require ppl to be gemmed but again the uncommon quaility (100 stat) we advice for now.

With no LFR out we doubt ppl will have any runes so dont bother with these yet tongue

This is the trickiest one. Some ppl are in the process of making feasts though these arent as good as the 300 or 375 foods that are available aswell. Therefor we require everyone to have at least 300 food on them. Several ppl in the guild can make these food types without much difficulty so this hsould not be a excuse for any raider.

Hope to see you on time for raids on wednesday.

The officer team

In the light we are one!




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