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From: Holland
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Hey all raiders,

The DMZ operate the EP/GP system to distribute loot during raids. So everyone is up to speed I'll explain below what exactly EP/GP entails and how you can earn points and keep an eye on your own standings. .

So go and install EPGP (dkp reloaded) and EPGPLootmaster
As a non masterlooters you won't use the lootmaster addon much. if you do you won't be able to change things since your rank in guild doesn't allow you to change officer notes. (if you look at your officer note you'll see your EP/GP scores)

You can then type /epgp (or make this a quick macro) in-game to see the standings of all guildies. In raids it will specifically show just the raid team.

EP/GP explained
EP(Effort Points) is rewarded for the following reasons:

1.Being available for the raid(independant whether invited to the raid grp or not) = 500 EP

2.Boss kill = 1000 EP

3.Wipe nights = 2500 EP

4.Up-to-date sign ups. (Every Friday a new week of sign-ups gets added, if these are filled in before next Wednesday raid raiders gets rewarded 100 EP.)

GP(Gear Points) is ofcourse only earned by winning loot.

When a item is announced you have 6 options.

6 options will be available to select:
Main spec: upgrade for main spec
Minor need: small upgrade for MS. (costs the same as main, but shows lesser interest in the item)
Gem only: very minor upgrade like 2nd stat change or gem only upgrade. (costs 100 gp or the difference in GP with the basic)
Offspec: no GP charge | 100 gp charge for a similar role OS
Transmog: no GP charge

Tier Tokens
In regard to tier tokens the following rules apply:

If you already have the tier item of the current difficulty you can press 'gem only' option in order to try to go for a upgraded version of the current tier item(warforged/gem option).
If you win a tier token via the 'gem only' option:
- you get charged 0 if there is no upgrade
- you get charged 100 gp if u gain only a gem option on the new item
- you get charged the difference with the basic for a ilvl increase

Decay is currently set at 10%. This will be done after Tuesday's night raid and before Wednesday new raid.


This determines when a new player gets priority over raiders that have reached this threshold. We determine this based on how many bosses are required to be killed(keeping in mind decay) for them to be able to receive loot before veteran raiders.

current system
available = 500 EP
boss kill = 1000 EP
decay 10%

If we want a new player to have 16 boss kills then we must have a minimum EP of ((16x 1000) + 4x500) - 20% = 14400

4 = raids available required to kill 16 bosses(on average).

PR basically indicates your priority on loot. Provided you have met the MinEP quota(see above) the PR will decide who will win the item.

You can view your stats, who got loot etc here

In the light we are one!




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