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#1 2017-02-09 19:53:46

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DKs & The Nighthold | High Botanist Tel'arn

So being definitely one of the most movement heavy fights in the raid, I thought I'd kick off a short discussion on what I know. Hopefully, this will prompt some more ideas too!


I think this fight definitely benefits from the Legendary boots Agrgramar's Stride. However, I'd say they still rank lower than any flat DPS increasing legendary's such as Kil'Jaden's Burning Wish. I think if you've got the second Legendary slot through your order hall (actually, pretty sure I'm the only one who hasn't!) then it's a very clear 2nd slot choice.


Whatever your tipple elsewhere in the tree, I'd recommend Lingering Apparition to help with mobility. It's also possible that Defile is viable if you have Death March equipped, as the 2nd and 3rd phase of the fight is all about cleave. Given that there's a lot of movement involved (even from tanks) it might balance out to be the wrong choice, but I think this fight definitely has the potential for it to be viable.


There are a few things I've picked up on during the fight earlier this week. This is specific to UH DKs so do please add anything you've got from a Blood or Frost perspective:

*The hitbox of High Botanist Tel'arn is large enough and the other groups close enough that when flowers spawn in the ranged groups, you can shuffle over and drop Outbreak without going out of melee range of the boss. Particularly if you're about to rotate around to spamming Scourge Strike on the boss, this will allow you a lot of passive cleave.

*Timing Death and Decay at certain crunch points is also proving to work well, but is definitely one that needs refinement. Right now I'm getting maximum use out of it during the 2nd phase where High Botanist Tel'arn calls the solar aspect to fight with him and periodically calls down the giant sun orbs. In the melee group you should have a love cluster of 3 targets (orb+boss+add), all of which last long enough that a well timed DnD adds a lot of damage. At the moment the best indicator I've got is purely through the DBM timer. Casting DnD+giving runes time to refresh so you can actually start spamming SS means dropping it about 1.5-2 seconds before the orb spawns


Those are my thoughts for now! Please let me know if you've seen any other ways to eek out more deeps using our guild tactics here. I'm sure there's plenty!

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